What is the main advantage of Plastic Laminate Countertops?

- The more popular reason why people decide to install plastic laminate countertops is due to its low cost (in comparison to other countertops surfaces such as natural stone, engineered stone and solid surface). Other great advantages are it has great durability and stain resistant.


Is there a limited variety of Platic Laminate colors?  

- Many companies have developed several different collections creating a huge list of color options available. Many of these colors are high definition quality and great imitations of other surfaces such as metal, wood and natural stone.


Are Plastic Laminate Countertops heat resistant?

- Plastic Laminate Countertops do lack heat resistance. It is strongly not recommended to place any hot item directly on a plastic laminate surface. This high temperature contact will more than likely develop warping, color fading and difficult repairs.


Is it possible to chop directly on top of Plastic Laminate Countertops?

- It is not recommended to chop directly on to Plastic Laminate Countertops. This will result in minor/major scratchs and imperfections.


What is the best method to clean and maintain Plastic Laminate Countertops?

- Cleaning the surface with any mild detergent will go a long way to preserve your countertop surface quality. Do try to avoid any harsh  chemicals, such as chlorine. These substances will discolor or fade Plastic Laminate Countertops.


What type of edge profiles are available for Plastic Laminate Countertops?

- The more popular and commonly available options are flat edge, half bullnose (waterfall), bullnose and beveled. Flat edge is a very popular choice due to its simplistic and contemporary look.


Can an undermount sink be used on Plastic Laminate Countertops?

- Yes, its is possible to install a undermount sink, but it is not recommended due the high risk of water penetrating into the faucet base. Specialized sinks are available but are costly. Once an undermoutn sink is installed on a Plastic Laminate Countertop, it is permanent (if removed, it will damage plastic laminate material and render it useless or unsafe).


Are seams easily visible on Plastic Laminate Countertops?

- Yes, seams will be noticeable on Plastic Laminate Countertops.


What is the thickness of finished Plastic Laminate Countertop?

- Plastic Laminate Countertops are available in many different thicknesses. A countertop standard of 1 1/2" thickness is highly popular in  San Antonio Tx. Other countertop surfaces also adapt to a thickness of 1 1/2"; making a change in countertop material less of a struggle.


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